Poetry of Geometry

Poetry of Geometry is a visual vocabulary that brings together a certain set marks made by drawing in, on and under the surface of wet oil paint.  Like written words on a page, which some paintings reference, the marks, techniques and semiotics explored in this vocabulary suggest a layering and erasing of patterns, built over time.

The paint that sits on the surface of the paintings, asserting itself towards the viewer, exists next to more subtle nuances of buried marks, which seem to whisper from the past.

Some of the paintings imply a particular place or event, like snow on the desert. Some paintings collect data – like lines or geometric figures. Taken together, they explore how structure emerges from – and disappears into – the viscosity of paint.

The sense of structure, created by drawn, incised, dripped and erased lines is, in many cases, below the surface layer of paint. This becomes an underlying architecture, infrastructure, or as Virginia Woolfe described it, “a scaffolding of the self.”  Like in poetry, when subtle suggestions emerge from word choices, patterns and rhythms to dance with more concrete images and ideas, these paintings suggest more than they tell.

Blair Vaughn-Gruler

Santa Fe 2011

Poetry of Geometry was exhibited at The College of Southern Nevada’s Artspace Gallery from October 21 through December 21, 2011.

The exhibition then traveled to Rawls Museum Arts in Cortland, Virginia where it was shown from March 2 through April 9, 2012.

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